Puppies Pomeranian buy which can be now.

Померанский шпиц щенок
Померанский шпиц девочка 12 месяцев
Pomeranian puppy black&tan color

This section of our website announces a page for the sale of puppies. All puppies presented on the sales page are available for purchase. Here you will find a large number of photos of each puppy and will be able to consider them in a large size.

Померанский шпиц белый 2 месяца

If you are interested in a high-quality puppy for participation in exhibitions, do not forget to tell us about it. We will be happy to help you. You will find more information by going to the sales page. For sale.

Pomeranian Spitz in the Darikar kennel.

Welcome to the Darikar kennel. Our kennel is located in Ukraine, in the city of Dnepr and is registered in the FCI. In the kennel "Darikar" is a breeding robot with 2 breeds of dogs: pug and pomeranian . The first thoroughbred dogs appeared in our country in 1979 and the experience gained over these years allows us to achieve high results in breeding and growing dogs. FCI standards. The main goal of the kennel is to get high quality puppies. All puppies received in our kennel are registered and have the documents of the international organization FCI. On the pages of the site you will find detailed information about our pets.

News 23/03/2021
Померанский шпиц

23.03.2021.We are pleased to present to you our pearl Darikar Gioconda, which has collected so many flattering reviews from professionals on FB. These and other photos are available on our FB page.

To know more

Pomeranian Spitz - we are one of the first in Ukraine!

 The breed of Pomeranian dogs is a special passion and pride of our kennel. Even at the end of the last century, having already had a lot of experience and knowledge in cynology, once I saw a chow chin walking along the alley, I thought it would be great to have a dog breed similar in type and appearance, but only a small one-dwarf. And a few years later, while on a business trip abroad, I bought a magazine about dogs and for the first time I saw a Pomeranian in all the glory characteristic of the best representatives of this breed! Of course, the photographs of the dog I saw were fundamentally different from the photographs in various reference books and they made a big impression on me. Thus began preparations for the appearance of this breed in our nursery. Having a bad habit of buying only the best animals available at that time, we were happy to be able to buy the granddaughter of the still famous CH.CAN, CH.USA Chriscendo Call To Arms. Pomeranian Eibi Lvi Domov became the first dog of this breed in our kennel and laid the foundations for the activity of which this site is dedicated.activities the results of which is dedicated to this site.

Our victories at international exhibitions.

 Participation in international dog shows (CACIB) for professionals should be considered as a prerequisite for successful breeding work. On such face-to-face competitions owners of nurseries represent the best representatives. And when the turn of the Pomeranian breed comes, it acquires a special tension. Here, no one is exchanged for market definitions of "bears" and "chanterelles", because among the competing Amateurs there. And the expert, usually a specialist who knows and understands the breed characteristics. Pomeranian Spitz presented for examination at the dog show are evaluated by a specialist for compliance with the animal breed characteristics and modern requirements, unmistakable exterior, physical development and psychological stability. I would like to mention the often critical importance of the show grooming/special care wool/for successful performance of a Pomeranian as a result of such exhibitions can be judged on the quality of livestock, the professionalism of the owners and the place occupied by the kennel.

Померанский шпиц

Pomeranian male.

Males breed Pomeranian owned kennel and used in breeding are presented on this page. Here you will find photos and videos of each of them, both purchased in other well-established nurseries, and received by us. You will also find a link to the pedigrees illustrated with photos of ancestors.

Померанский шпиц щенок

To buy a puppy Pomeranian.

Photos of puppies available for purchase are presented on this page. By clicking on the small pictures of puppies you can see them in a large size. Also on the pages of the site you will find their parents and individual pages for pedigrees.

Померанский шпиц
Pomeranian females

The page represents the pride of our nursery-the mother stock of Pomeranian Spitz. But the link below will take you to the page with the pedigree, which is illustrated with photos of ancestors. Below under photos there is an article with the description of the presented Pomeranian Spitz.

Померанский шпиц щенок
Photo album of Pomeranian Spitz.

Very beautiful page of our site, here you will find a large number of photos of Pomeranian puppies born in our kennel. Now these puppies live in their families, in different countries and on different continents. There is also a rule of our site-clicking on a mini photo, it will open in a larger size.

Померанский шпиц кремовый
Cream color.

Cream color in Pomeranian Spitz is not common and has a large color range. So experts describe cream color in the range from cold cream to warm cream. This means, that Pomeranian Pomeranian cream CFA can be from almost white, until light redheads, so-called " light orang." The photo shows a Pomeranian cream-colored Spitz Darikar Olimpus at the age of 10 months. Puppies of this color are born white and the first signs of this color can be seen at the age of 3-4 weeks.

Померанский шпиц питомник Дарикар.
Orange color.

Orange color is the most common among Pomeranian Spitz. All dogs from light orange/light orange/ and until dark a ginger, almost red/red/ first adopted to call orange. Also the orange color include the Fox, the so-called Podlasie color. Individuals of this color can have both a darkened muzzle, the so-called mask, and light hair on the muzzle similar to the color of the body. This photo shows a Pomeranian classic bright red color Darikar Pie Pie at the age of 10 months.

Померанский шпиц питомник Дарикар.
Orange sable color.

Orange sable color is also widespread in the breed Pomeranian. Puppies such a CFA are born very dark, sometimes color wool can be look like on wolf coloring, but already to 2-3 months strongly osvetlyayutsya, and to 7-8 months acquire color adults individuals. Orange sable color also has a wide range of shades, from light orange with a small amount of black hair, to dark red, almost edistogo color light areas and a large amount of dark hair covering the upper line and sides of the dog. The photo shows Darikar Indigo at the age of 6.5 months.

Белый померанский шпиц
White color

White color Pomeranian Spitz is becoming popular in recent years. As and red, white coloring also has several types of and caused by this hereditary factors. White color has three types: pure white-not being albino, such dogs have a pigmented nose lobe and mouth mucosa, white with a small color spot and white with a cream tint at the ends of the awn coat. Also, white dogs have different pigmentation of the nose lobe. This is caused by a different set of genes. White dogs with a black nose, lips, eyelids and dark eyes are carriers of the B-allele. White from birth dogs with brown nose-bb.

Pomeranian puppies.
Pomeranian Ch Starpom Zest Selection
Pomeranian Darikar Oriole
Pomeranian puppy 10 months old.
Our reward.
Померанский шпиц Darikar Temtation. Померанский шпиц Starpom Zest Selection. Померанский шпиц Darikar Temtation.
  • 02.12.2017. Kiev CAСIB - Pomeranian Spitz Darikar Temptation CAC, CACIB, BOB.
  • 22.10.2017. Kherson - CACIB - Pomeranian Spitz Darikar Para Bellum CAC, CACIB. Pomeranian Spitz Darikar Temtation CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • 30.09.2017. Zaporozhye - CAC - Pomeranian Spitz Darikar Slay - САС best junior.
  • 24.08 2017. Europe championship. Kiev
    -Specialty Great Dane dog show Pomeranian Spitz Darikar Para Bellum second in open class.
  • 04.12.2016. Kiev CACIB - Pomeranian Spitz Darikar Temtation CAC, CACIB, BOS.
  • 24.06.2016. Moscow - is a specialized national monobreed dog show in the framework of the World Championship. Our superstar Darikar Tempetation, aka Tirana in open class takes 3rd place!
  • 23.06.2016. Moscow, World Championship
    WDS 2016
    -Our Darikar Temtation in the open class entered the top six dogs!
  • 05.06.2016. Dnepropetrovsk CACIB -In order to prepare for the World Cup, the exhibition held in Dnepropetrovsk was used. The training was successful - CAC, CACIB, BOS.
  • 23.04.2016. Kiev, Zoloti Vorota CACIB. Darikar - Kontralto - CAC, CACIB, BOS
  • 23.04.2016. Kiev, Zoloti Vorota CACIB - Darikar Temptation - CAC
  • 20.03.2016. Zakarpatie 2016 CACIB - Darikar Temptation - CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • 19.03 2016. The pearl of Carpatians 2016 CACIB - Darikar Temptation - CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • 13.02.2016. Zaporozie, САС - Darikar Temptation - CAC, BOS
  • 06.12.2015. Kiev. Khrustalni Kubok, CACIB - Starpom Zest Selection - CAC, CACIB. Darikar Temptation - CAC, R.CACIB.
  • 05.12.2015. Kiev - National championship of the club. Darikar Temptation - the best bitch of the championship, Club Champion. Starpom Zest Selection - CCC.
  • 27.04.2014. Kiev, CACIB - Our new star, at the age of 9 months, nicknamed Darikar Only me, won the title of Best Young Bitch - Winner Young Famale - at her first Show in Kiev.
Померанский шпиц Darikar Temtation. Померанский шпиц Darikar Temtation. Померанский шпиц Darikar Temtation.
Померанский шпиц

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Померанский шпиц

What documents puppy should have

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Померанский шпиц

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Белый шпиц

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Щенок померанского шпица.

Feeding pomeranian spitz

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Померанский шпиц

Pomeranian Spitz - history and formation of the breed

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