Buy Pomeranian Spitz

You can buy a Pomeranian Spitz from our kennel "Darikar". We will help you choose a puppy as a pet, or to participate in dog shows and breeding work - in this case, please let us know about it additionally. Our kennel is focused on obtaining high quality puppies that meet the requirements of the international cynological organization FCI. Below are photos of Pomeranian puppies that can be reserved and purchased by you upon reaching the required age and full vaccination. By contacting us by phone you can find out about the availability of other puppies, as well as ask your questions. Good luck choosing!!

Pomeranian female Darikar Iolanta

Pomeranian18 Pomeranian19 Pomeranian20

Pomeranian Darikar Iolanta b/d 10.09.21, Dame: DARIKAR Sati Sire: Lynnwrights Brave Gets Everything, Show class,

Pomeranian male Darikar Laredo.

Pomeranian3 Pomeranian4 Pomeranian5

Pomeranian Darikar Loredo b/d 09. 03.2021, Dame: Darikar White Nicht Sire: Darikar Hi-Tech, pet class, .

Pomeranian male Darikar Apollo

Pomeranian9 Pomeranian10 Pomeranian11

Pomeranian Darikar Apollo b/d 29.09.20 Dame:DARIKAR Belle Canto Sire:Ch STARPOM Zest Selection.

Pomeranian male Darikar Yeah Man You're The Best

Pomeranian15 Pomeranian16 Pomeranian17

Pomeranian Darikar Yeah Man You're The Best b/d 31.08.2019 Sire:Lynnwrights Brave Gets Everything Dame:DARIKAR BROWN SUGAR. Show class.