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Pomeranian puppy
Pomeranian male
Pomeranian 2 months 0ld.

Sales announcement. Puppies presented on the sales page are available for purchase. Here you will find a large number of photos of each puppy.


If your goal is a high-quality puppy to participate in exhibitions - do not forget to tell us about it. We will be very happy to try to help you.

Pomeranian Spitz in the Darikar kennel.

Welcome to the pages of the website of the Pomeranian spitz nursery "Darikar". Breeding work is carried out in the nursery in order to obtain high-quality puppies. The first purebred dogs appeared with us in 1979 and the experience accumulated over the years allows us to achieve high results. This is confirmed by our numerous victories at international exhibitions. All puppies of our kennel have international FCI documents. Only dogs and puppies of our kennel are presented on the pages of the site.


We are pleased to present you one of the photos from a recent photo shoot of our black puppies. You can see other photos by clicking on the link, as well as on our FB page.To learn more

Pomeranian orange

Pomeranians - we are one of the best in Ukraine!

The Pomeranian dog breed is our special passion. I have a bad habit of buying only the best animals, more than twenty years ago we brought the first producers from the best nurseries to Ukraine. Therefore, it is not surprising that spitz born in our kennel often win at international exhibitions. We are pleased with the victories of our pets and are proud to be one of the best Pomeranian spitz kennels in Ukraine.

Pomeranian puppy

The best Pomeranian puppy.

Our way of getting quality puppies is simple and has been tested for years. So for many years we have kept the best puppies of girls for further breeding work. Participation and victories at international dog shows add to our knowledge and experience. Then we select the most worthy suitors for our beauties and this allows us to get very beautiful Pomeranian puppies.

Pomeranian puppies play.

Buy a Pomeranian puppy

You can buy a Pomeranian puppy from us. Forty years of cynological experience allows us to achieve high results in obtaining Pomeranian spitz of high quality and good health. The puppies of our kennel live in many countries of the world and delight us with successful performances at prestigious dog shows. There are three categories for evaluating the quality of a puppy. 1. pet - such puppies appear in our kennel rarely and have a low cost. 2. plem. class - such dogs form the basis of any kennel for plem work and getting offspring. 3. show class - the best representatives of the breed, such dogs compete for victories at exhibitions. The choice is yours

Two pomeranians

Pomeranian puppies born with us.

Gallery is a very beautiful page of our website, here we have presented a large number of photos of Pomeranian puppies born in our kennel. Now these puppies live in their families, in different countries and on different continents. The rule of our website also applies here - by clicking on a mini photo, it will open in a larger size. This page is designed to answer a frequently asked question: - "Do you have bears?" Please make a conclusion yourself. There is an opinion that "bears" are very chubby puppies with a short muzzle. We make a lot of efforts to ensure that our puppies meet the international breed standard, have good health and are pleasant to communicate with.

Pomeranian Darikar Slay.

One of the representatives of our kennel in a rare black and tan color.

Ch Darikar Pie Pie

Our beloved champion Darikar Pie Pie. In this video, he is at the age of five in the splendor of his beauty and glory!

Pomeranian puppy.

 This video shows a Pomeranian puppy at the age of two and a half months. A puppy of the show class, left in the kennel to participate in the dog show.

Pomeranian Darikar Hi-Tech.

Pomeranian show class Darikar Hi-Tech at the age of 1.5 years in training before the next dog show. The judges and the audience really like him.

Such Pomeranian Pomeranians are born in our kennel.

Pomeranian male.
Pomeranian puppy white color.
Pomeranian puppy creame color.
Pomeranian puppy 2,5 months old.

We and our Pomeranians at dog shows.

Pomeranian Darikar Temtation. Pomeranian Starpom Zest Selection. Pomeranian Darikar Temtation.
Winners at the show. BOB Darikar Temtation. World dog show Darikar Temtation.
Pomeranian males at show. BOB Darikar Temtation. World dog show pomeranian Darikar Temtation.